Your home or business is continuously monitored from Cops Monitoring reliable UL-registered rapid response central station, located in a secure former Strategic Air Command facility.  With an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), they are a rock-solid, weather-proof, earthquake-proof and terrorist-proof, 24/7/365.

How An Alarm Signal Is Handled
  1. When an alarm is activated by a device (motion detector, window contact etc) the alarm panel will seize the telephone line and call the central station receiver via the telephone company phone line or go out over the GSM network if a cellular unit is installed.
  2. The central station alarm receiver answers the call and tells the alarm panel to send its information, i.e. account number and alarm conditions.
  3. The alarm receiver will print out the signal and then send it to the alarm automation system.
  4. The computer automation system will interpret the signal as defined in the subscribers channel designations (the description of what the alarm is, i.e. fire, burglary, power loss etc.)
  5. A dispatch operator will take the appropriate steps to handle the alarm, this may include dispatching the proper authorities, contacting the subscriber, dealer and/or call list

Cops Monitoring central station operators are security industry certified, fully trained to handle any alarm event, using one of the country’s most sophisticated computerized response systems.  They are the experienced partner Bay Country Security trusts in maintaining the rapid response you can rely on.

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